Pink Lemonade AAA

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THC 23-24%

AAA | Indica

Pink Lemonade is an Indica-dominant Hybrid strain (80% Indica/20% Sativa) with serious bag appeal. Pink Lemonade offers a sour-sweet flavour along with a delightful combination of mental and physical effects. This flower is smooth, easy, and well-rounded. There’s no doubt about it – this flower is a go-to strain for chilling out. While often described as thoughtful and creative, the herb is better fitted to leisure activities than serious concentration.

FLAVOURS: Berry, Citrus, Sweet, Grapefruit, Lemon
EFFECTS: Creative, Focused, Happy, Relaxed

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The Pink Lemonade strain is an 80% Indica / 20% Sativa Hybrid that is unique for having several effects that you would not usually find in such a strong Indica option while still maintaining the qualities people commonly seek in an Indica.

While the history of Pink Lemonade is not entirely known, it is believed to be the result of breeding Purple Kush X Lemon Skunk, with the chance of an additional unknown strain mixed in. Even though this strain’s roots are a mystery, its potency and fruitiness are evident.

Appearance & Aroma

Pink Lemonade produces compact and glistening trichome-covered nugs and makes itself known right away with large, chunky buds. These buds cling together in tapered formations that might range from cylindrical and bullet-shaped to more clonical. As might be anticipated due to its Indica genetics, Pink Lemonade’s buds carry that Indica-typical structure, dense and nugget-like, with leaves connected tightly to their central stems. These leaves are particularly striking for their patchwork of khaki green and dark purple hues. Grinding up these thick nugs can exhibit more complex incense and hash notes, suggesting descent from OG Kush or Afghani. It has a very summery and fresh flavour profile, with grapefruit, lemon, and pineapple notes when ignited. Its aroma is similar to the sweet and sour beverage as lemons and grapefruit notes kindle the senses. Upon exhale, Pink Lemonade tastes more like sweet lemon juice.

Effects & Benefits

This Indica-dominant flower is the ideal strain to take on a chilled summer’s afternoon, giving nearly an instant boost of energy and creativity that later transforms into a deep, dreamy state that is excellent for a mellow evening. These effects this bud provides make it a great option to smoke with companions as you enjoy a day full of fun in the sun before settling down for a casual night roasting s’mores or hanging out watching a movie or playing video games.

The Pink Lemonade strain is an exceptional choice for beginners since the effects do not last as long as other strains, making it easier to adjust to some of the intense effects. The fast-acting high also means that you feel when you have smoked enough and prevents you from taking too large a dose and suffering adverse effects rather than appreciating its energetic high.

2 reviews for Pink Lemonade AAA

  1. Poontangpunisher

    This cut of pink lemonade is beautiful on every level . I was completely blown away by the gorgeous bag appeal and seductive terpene profile . I highly recommend this strain to all cannabis connoisseurs she is an absolute beauty.

  2. Crystal Cloud 9 (store manager)

    That’s great that you see the beauty in Pink Lemonade! Thank you very much for your recommendation on this one 🙂

  3. Annette DREW (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this. Perfect for long time smokers. Smooth and lazy. Worth trying.

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