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Gary Payton AAA

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THC 24%

AAA | Hybrid 

Cookies Gary Payton or Gary Payton for short is created by crossing the genetics of the Sativa strain The Y or “Y Griega” and the hybrid cannabis strain Snowman. It’s a highly sought hybrid cannabis strain known for its potent onset of effects, tantalizing fragrance, and rarity. Produced by the famous Cookies genetics and Powezzz Genetics, The NBA Hall of Famer Gary Payton cannabis strain is hard-hitting. It has long-lasting effects, recommended for more experienced users.

FLAVOURS: Diesel, Herbal, Spicy, Berry

EFFECTS: Creative, Energized, Euphoric, Focused, Giggly



If you are not a sports fan, there’s a possibility that the name of this strain sounds a bit odd to you. Also known as Gary Payton, Cookies Gary Payton was produced in collaboration with the former Seattle Supersonics point guard. After crossing The Y and Snowman, the Cookies and Powerzzz Genetics teams turned it over to Veritas, a Colorado-based cultivator who now holds all licensing rights.

Appearance & Aroma

Cookies Gary Payton may top out at 25% THC, but users claim time and time again that it packs a considerable punch. Buds take on a classic appearance with a mint green colour accented by vibrant amber pistils and a thick layer of clear, sparkling trichomes. If you appreciate sweet strains, this flower isn’t for you, as it dominates your senses with a combination of spicy diesel and herbs. Many say that its odour remains for quite a while, so make sure you enjoy it in a safe place before you light up.

Effects & Benefits

People often use phrases like “buckle up” when explaining how to condition for a particular type of effect, but in the case of Gary Payton, you may want to do so or at least plant your behind on the sofa. While this hybrid isn’t typically sedative, sitting down may be a wise move due to the sheer strength of its effects. Users agree that right away, their mind is shot into the outer realms of euphoria, forming a solid need to socialize and a fit of laughs that won’t go away. For some, the focus is amplified and could be used to their advantage regarding their to-do list.

While this strain is a popular choice for recreation, it’s loved just as much for its medicinal benefits. Gary Payton has been discovered on dispensary shelves with as much as 5% CBD, making it a premium candidate for reducing issues like anxiety, depression, and even ADD or ADHD. People who experience frequent migraines or generalized bodily pain might also find they can rely on this hybrid to help them get through the day a little bit easier.

You don’t have to adore basketball to enjoy Cookies Gary Payton, but for some reason, those who are NBA fans tend to enjoy this strain just a little more. Its flavours are an acquired taste, but even if you can’t get past how it tastes, its documented effects might be enough to launch it onto your list of favourites.

2 reviews for Gary Payton AAA

  1. Petey

    I’ve been dying to try this strain I just got this in the mail and was very impress. Cheers to cc9 I will definitely order this again

  2. Tamus Ryan

    The buds look dank and full of crystals!

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