Hawaiian Sativa AAAA


THC 18-25%

AAAA | Sativa

We usually spend Winter months daydreaming of long summer days lounging in the sunshine. The idea of escaping dark, gloomy cold evenings and hitting the beach with a cocktail in hand grows very appealing. If only there were a cannabis strain that brought a little bit of Hawaiin to you whenever you wanted it. Well, fantasize no more; the pure 100% Sativa Hawaiian Strain can do that. This tropical treat will have you feeling as happy, energetic, and uplifted as a beautiful hot day spent in Maui.

FLAVOURS: Pineapple, Citrus, Sweet, Tropical
EFFECTS: UpliftedEnergetic, Creative, Happy


Appearance & Aroma

The pure Sativa cannabis strain Hawaiian Sativa produces a scent and flavour reminiscent of citrus or tropical fruits with earthy or woody undertones. Some note hints of peach and mint. It’s also known as “banana pot” because of its thick banana-shaped buds that are covered in resin.

Hawaiian Sativa has also acquired the nickname “banana pot,” not due to its tropical heritage but because it grows long, curved flowers that match the fruit. These “banana buds” smell and taste more like citrus; however, their added length provides lots of room for sticky resin, making this a powerful strain with high THC levels. Hawaiian strain’s buds have a sweet aroma that almost immediately reminds you of drinking a fruity cocktail on the beach. It has a pineapple-like, tropical scent that hints at the taste sensation that awaits. The top sweet and tropical notes present in Hawaiian’s aroma are conspicuous in their flavour. Hawaiian’s tasty blend of fresh tropical fruit and citrusy sweetness presents a treat for the tastebuds.

Effects & Benefits

Hawaiian Sativa is a pure Sativa cannabis strain that goes straight to the head with minimal to no body effects for some consumers. The head high might be a little strong for new consumers or those looking for more calming effects. Since its effects are very active, this bud is famous for daytime consumption and effectively treats glaucoma patients. As a true Sativa, Hawaiian Sativa plants produce tall plants and take a full 12 weeks to flower, but the rewards are abundant for the patient grower.


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