Lemon God AAA

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THC 24%

AAA | Sativa

Giving a well-balanced high and an incredible aroma, Lemon God or Lemon G for short, is a Sativa-dominant Hybrid (70 Sativa/30 Indica) that hails from the Midwest. Often said as the pride of Ohio, this strain associates its lineage to G13 and an unnamed parent. Some people say it could be Love Potion No. 1 or Lemon Skunk; however, there remains no ultimate proof. Bringing a nice blend of Indica and Sativa effects to your experience, Lemon G is a champ.

FLAVOURS: Citrus, Herbal, Lemon, Pine, Sweet, Diesel
EFFECTS: Creative, Energized, Euphoric, Focused, Happy


Appearance & Aroma

Lemon God doesn’t hold back on its potency, as some batches can reach a THC content as high as 23%. Aside from the tremendous high it provides, one of the things users remember about Lemon G is the delightful scent. With robust notes of lemon and pine, it is reminiscent of a famous household cleaner. While some might get super jazzed for a similar flavour, Lemon God changes things up a little with a nice amount of earthy spiciness. Notes of lemon are still discernable but not as powerful as you’d think. The buds tend to be fluffy in shape and heavily frosted.

Effects & Benefits

Smoking the Lemon G strain will give you an instant and intense high that’s whole with euphoric and uplifting sensations. Your mind might experience a slight feeling of buzzing, yet you’ll stay focused and clear. Lemon God’s effects can be quick and intense; therefore, it’s best to go along with it instead of managing or controlling them. Soon the relaxing Indica effects will kick in, and you’ll be in a peaceful state of mind but without becoming immobile. Instead of having to fight off couchlock, you’ll be focused and calm.

An excellent choice for users who need a break from chronic stress or pain, this flower offers the ability to go through a day with a high level of relief and functionality. Medical conditions such as anxiety, PTSD, and depression can all benefit from this strain. Many appreciate the uplifting rush they get, as it can help fight fatigue as well.

Growing your own Lemon G isn’t too complex, and although it can adapt to practically any environment, it seems to do best outdoors in a warmer climate. Seeds might be hard to come by but prepare for a 9 to 11-week flowering time and a moderately sized yield if you get your hands on some.

Ideal for boosting your mood, taking on your to-do list, or getting the most out of a social setting, Lemon God is an exceptional all-around cannabis strain. With a pleasant and potent high, both recreational and medicinal users will enjoy having it around.

4 reviews for Lemon God AAA

  1. noyd (verified owner)

    Impressive strong lemon odor on this one, people can tell straight away. Produces impressive vapor on the volcano hot air vaporizer and crisp lemon vapor. Little harsh in a joint and peppery ash. I vaped this one and preferred to smoke another. 7.5/10

  2. Thomas Hamlyn

    Just tried this what an impressive sativa. The lemon smell really hits you when you open the bag. Nice buzz thanks very much CC9

  3. Thomas Hamlyn (verified owner)

    Was so glad to see this one on sale again got it before here and like the last time it is impressive. Love the smell and the buzz fantastic thanks CC9 👍

  4. Tamus Ryan

    The citrus smell is amazing and the taste is just as good!

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