Mendocino Purps AAA

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THC 20-22%

AAA | Hybrid 

Mendocino Purps, also named Mendocino Purple, Mendo Purps, or The Purps, is a slightly leaning Indica-dominant Hybrid strain (60 Indica/40 Sativa) with calming and sedative effects. It has a complex flavour profile and a moderately potent THC level of 20-22%. It is an excellent strain for those seeking a relaxing and stress-releasing high.

FLAVOURS: Caramel, Coffee, Fruity, Nutty
EFFECTS: Happy, Euphoric, Motivated, Relaxed, Sleepy


This flower was bred by BC Bud Depot, originally only from clones but eventually from seeds. Their work paid off because it earned Strain of the Year for High Times in 2007 and has remained a popular heavy-hitter ever since.

Appearance & Aroma

The taste of Mendocino Purps is a mature, acquired taste that stands out even among the well-populated North Californian market. The Purps produce buds that smell of berries and pine, with earthy undertones and the rich flavour of caramel and coffee. This taste is often described as outdoorsy and dessert-like, like a caramel coffee macchiato crossed with an outdoorsy, earthy pine flavour. When smoked, fruit tones start to crowd the palette, bringing on a sense of nuttiness and full-bodied, grapey sweetness.

Effects & Benefits

The high of Mendocino Purps hits fast and hard. The effects are instantly euphoric and relaxing, making users feel incredibly motivated, focused, and happy. Mendo Purps will loosen the tongue as it’s smoked, making users amused and giggling at everything, relaxed all over, and yet energized to socialize with people and do activities. This energizing feeling not only helps users relax but can help treat depression and chronic pain as well.

The Purps is suggested in limited doses for insomnia due to its capability to reduce anxiety. Its effects may cause the consumer to feel tranquil as spirits are uplifted and stresses vanish. The body falls into deep relaxation, and sedation might occur – causing either sleepiness or laziness. Due to these effects, it’s best to utilize this strain in the evenings.

2 reviews for Mendocino Purps AAA

  1. vee888

    I enjoy this anytime of the day. High-ly recommend

  2. baloudadou (verified owner)

    Smells & taste wonderfull! Found bunch’o’seed gon mak’em grow! 😀 Would defenitly buy again ! xo

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