Monster Cookies AAA

THC 24%

AAA | Indica

Monster Cookies is an Indica-dominant Hybrid cannabis strain that builds on some solid and flavourful genetics. This bud is armed with a high that sneaks up on the user, gradually presenting a heavy body stone.

FLAVOURS: Berry, Diesel, Grape, Sweet
EFFECTS: Euphoric, Happy, Hungry, Sleepy

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This Indica-dominant flower is a cross between the omnipresent Girl Scout Cookies and the eye-catching and tasty Granddaddy Purple. These genetics provides a relaxing complex and high plus a fruity taste.

Appearance & Aroma

Medium-sized buds that characterize this strain hold their shape thanks to a dense Indica-type bud composition. The tightly coiled and sticky leaves are mainly forest green but are accented by deep blue and purple hues. These lively colours result from pigments called anthocyanins being spurred by cold temperatures during the growing process. The sprinkling of white trichomes gives the brilliant buds a frosty overlay, making this a tricky strain to break up by hand.

Burning or breaking up the buds gives off more of a spicy, incense-like quality, compliments of the OG Kush in this strain’s lineage. Monster Cookies has a mostly grape-tinged and berry taste profile, similar to its parent strain Granddaddy Purple. Appropriately cured, it has a smooth and easy smoke that tastes dank and sweet upon exhale. The Monster Cookies strain is also particularly pungent; therefore, smokers trying to keep their use under wraps should take the proper precautions.

Effects & Benefits

Once the effects kick in, the temptation to melt into the nearest possible comfortable spot may prove overwhelming for some. Even though some cerebral stimulation may occur, this strain’s mental qualities are mainly dictated by deep physical relaxation. Smokers will feel entirely at ease — content to remain in one spot but uplifted enough to be chatty and social. Due to these dreamy, trippy qualities, Monster Cookies is probably not the best option for those looking to perform work or complete errands.

Because of this flower’s potency, cannabis novices should modify their initial dosage and then scale up if needed.
Its almost numbing effects give Monster Cookies strong analgesic effects for medical cannabis users. It can effectively relieve aches and pains — both chronic from conditions like fibromyalgia and incidental from soreness or injury. It has also been said to soothe migraines and headaches and, in big enough doses, can help users with insomnia to find deep, lasting sleep.


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