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THC 16%

AAA | Sativa

The Sativa-dominant NY Cheese cannabis strain (70 Sativa/30 Indica) acquires its name from its aroma, flavour, and heredity with undertones of pine. This flower is a wonderful choice for interacting at social gatherings and creating good conversations, often involving deep thought or meditative topics.

FLAVOURS: Cheesy, Creamy, Diesel, Pine, Sweet
EFFECTS: Cerebral, Creative, Energized, Euphoric, Social


NY Cheese is a rare strain from a long mystery line, and it regularly creates quite the buzz – in more ways than one. Unknown breeders crossed unknown plants, although it’s rumoured that this bud originates from Cheese and NYC Diesel. While these parent flowers have won awards in their own right, the origins of this magical beauty are still not confirmed.

Appearance & Aroma

Whoever is to thank, the result is a bud that’s somewhat funky and highly social. THC content that averages at 16% makes NY Cheese an excellent option for new and experienced users alike. As you’ve probably imagined, the tastes and aromas of these flowers tend to lean cheesy and diesel, while some hints of pine on the exhale. Yes, it does sound like a strange blend, but that doesn’t stop people from craving this strain. The buds tend to be pretty large, with many pistils and super sticky resin.

Effects & Benefits

Cerebral effects hit almost immediately after just one puff or two, with a buzz that begins behind the eyes and washes over like a tidal wave. Users experience a burst of creative energy that’s like nothing else, so whether you have a long to-do list or want to feel inspired to finish an artistic project, this strain’s just right for you. Social tendencies reach a tremendous high, as you’ll want to socialize with everyone about anything. While it’s a perfect strain for parties, it might not be the best in some situations. Following your mental escapade is a calm and relaxing body high that manages to mellow you out and balance your energy levels.

The NY Cheese strain is a top candidate for medical users, as all cases of depression or stress are eased and those who struggle with fatigue find the long-lost energy they have been seeking. Aches and pains are no match for this flower either, as well as headaches, eye pressure, inflammation, and more, and just a few tokes will do. Be mindful that your thoughts tend to race on this strain; therefore, it’s best to know your limits and not overindulge if you are prone to paranoia or anxiety.

1 review for NY CHEESE AAA

  1. Juan Pablo Montoya (verified owner)

    Rich, cheezy and dense are the 3 words that come to my mind for this stain. Good bud size and nice white ashes!

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