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Organic Bubba Kush AAA


THC 24-28%

AAA | Indica| Under $100

Organic Bubba Kush from Whistler Cannabis Co. is an Indica-dominant strain with powerful THC potency potential grown indoors in British Columbia under LED lighting. Its primary terpene is nerolidol (also found in citronella, ginger and orange peels).

FLAVOURS: Gassy, nutty, earthy, pine
EFFECTS: Sleepy, relaxed, euphoric, hungry


Arising from California in the late 1990s, Organic Bubba Kush took the world by storm. Notably, it has built its prominence for being a heavy-hitting true Indica at 95% and 5% Sativa. Matt, aka Bubba the grower, states that Bubba Kush was developed by crossing OG Kush and an unidentified New Orleans strain, possibly a Northern Lights phenotype. Despite the ambiguous genetics, Bubba Kush has become an Indica fan-favourite for users desiring a potent physical and euphoric high.

Appearance & Aroma

Its vivid green to purple hues (depending on the cut) makes Organic Bubba Kush stand out in any garden. These resinous buds are attractive to see with a white coat of trichomes and sprinkled amber-coloured pistils. The deep earthy, gassy aroma and palatable nutty taste the Bubba Kush flower releases is one to remember and recognize.

Effects & Benefits

Bubba Kush has become a staple in the Canadian cannabis market, recommended for evening use. This reliable Indica strain treats insomnia, depression, loss of appetite, and pain relief. With everything Bubba Kush offers, it is a must-have to add to your cannabis collection for regular rotation.


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