Pink Sunset AAA

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THC 18-24%

AAA | Indica | Under $100

The Pink Sunset cannabis strain is the lesser-known phenotype of Sunset Sherbert; however, it deserves equal recognition. It is a tasty Indica-leaning plant (70 Indica/30 Sativa) that could pass off as a delectable dessert after dinner. It has a nutty and pine terpene profile that hints at the combination of berries and oranges that burst in the palate. When consumed, growers have a few minutes to get comfortable before its relaxing euphoria takes effect. It caps the evening away, kneading the muscles into relaxation with a tingling sensation that relieves stress.

FLAVOURS: Berry, Nutty, Pine, Strawberry, Citrus, Sweet
EFFECTS: Aroused, Body High, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

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Pink Sunset is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies X Pink Panties. Its THC levels measure between 18% and an impressive 24%.

Appearance & Aroma

The buds of Pink Sunset may not be much to look at. Once trimmed, the flowers are smaller to medium in size and stick together in dense, popcorn-like bunches. These nugs have a markedly Indica-typical structure, with densely packed leaves and a solid core. The leaves are mossy green with curly orange and yellow hairs (pistils, reproductive systems meant to catch pollen). Pink Sunset’s flowers have a sprinkling of clear, sticky trichomes.

When properly cured, Pink Sunset gives off an intensely fruity aroma suggestive of berries and strawberries. A closer whiff may also discover some woody notes of fresh pine. Meanwhile, breaking apart or grinding up these compact flowers gives off a dank and kushy odour with hints of spice and hash. When combusting Pink Sunset, it gives off a smooth and light smoke that’s easily ingested. Upon exhale, the smoke tastes fruity and somewhat floral.

Effects & Benefits

Pink Sunset can sometimes — as long as 15 minutes after consumption — before starting to unravel its effects. Eventually, users may notice an increased pulse around their lower temples and forehead. These sensations are followed by some sensory perception alterations, with many consumers describing auditory or visual distortions; an uncanny sense of time dilation is also possible. Pink Sunset’s trippy vibe may also be a fun way to take in the great outdoors — by, say, viewing a sunset. Other than these atmospheric effects, the flower does not have much of an impact on mental processes.

1 review for Pink Sunset AAA

  1. oli_82

    This is a very good strain for the price. Def smell and taste the berry/strawberry with other sweet notes. I wanted something fruity that didn’t hit too fast as I like to enjoy an episode of my fave shows before I hit the bed and this was great for that. 30 min in and I felt the heavy body buzz kick in and got rid of my headache too. Try this out if you’re looking for similar effects and taste as me

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