Purple Punch AAA

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THC 25%

AAA | Indica

If you enjoy blueberry muffins or grape candy, you’re sure to love the aroma and flavour of Purple Punch. This heavy Indica strain (80% Indica/20% Sativa) has a distinct aroma and a flavour comparable to sweet berries. Dubbed as a dessert flower, not only because of its taste and scent but because cannabis enthusiasts say it is best used following dinner due to its relaxing and often sedating effects that provide them with a great night’s sleep.

FLAVOURS: Grape, Blueberry, Sweet, Vanilla, Herbal
EFFECTS: Euphoric, Happy, Hungry, Uplifted, Relaxed, Sleepy

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Mystery breeders are to thank for introducing Purple Punch into our lives, as this potent flower offers a blast of flavour with effects that you’ll desire over and over again. The crossing of Granddaddy Purple with Larry OG was a brilliant idea, as this Indica-dominant strain brings forth the best in both of its origins. People who are longing for equally substantial body and mind effects should give this bud a try.

Appearance & Aroma

While it might not seem potent with THC content at a high of 20%, Purple Punch also includes 1% CBD and ends up hitting you like a Mack truck. The buds are very fluffy and lively with a bright tone, accompanied by amber pistils and sparkling trichomes. Some may define this bud’s aroma and flavours as a punch to the face, and rightfully so, as an intense grape Kool-Aid note is notable. Yet, this is balanced out by other delicious flavours, including vanilla, blueberry, and herbs.

Effects & Benefits

The high with Purple Punch begins with full force, as a solid cerebral stimulation will hit users just behind the eyes. Spirits feel lifted with ease, and it’ll almost feel like a balloon that’s floating up into the sky. As users get higher and higher, both literally and metaphorically, bodily effects will kick in and help stabilize things with a state of relaxation. Depending on your tolerance, you may find this to be the perfect time to curl up for a nap or the point in the evening when you put on your favourite show and space out.

2 reviews for Purple Punch AAA

  1. bk

    This strain is a heavy hitter

  2. Mike (verified owner)

    You really have to try this strain. Great after dinner or more after supper. Beware, beginners, this one hits hard. Go have a look at the parent strain, you will understand…

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