THC 20-21%

AA | Indica | 

SFV OG is an Indica-dominant hybrid (70 Indica/30 Sativa) whose mysterious acronym stands for San Fernando Valley OG. It is a remarkably lemony, bright, sweet, earthy flower. As a result, it’s excellent for those suffering from any mood or panic disorder. Many consume SFV OG when needing a good time, as it can induce a bout of euphoria and laughter.

FLAVOURS: Lemon, Citrus, Pine, Sweet

EFFECTS: Creative, Euphoric, Focused, Happy, Relaxed


As thousands of marijuana strains are available, an exceptional one is occasionally almost forgotten. It is also a fact that several hybrids that legendary parents produce fail to live up to expectations. The SFV OG strain, also known as San Fernando Valley OG, is a flower that has given birth to several strains with combined results. However, the bud is still top-shelf quality due to its OG Kush origins.

SFV OG, not to be mixed up with SFV OG Kush, comes from the West Coast. As you might have thought, it is named after the San Fernando Valley, where Cali Connection Farms bred it. It’s an OG Kush phenotype and has assisted in creating various well-known strains, including Tahoe OG and Ghost Train Haze.

Pink House is a shop in Denver that provided a cut of this strain that succeeded the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2012. Even though it is not quite as popular as some of its ‘kids,’ SFV OG is an extraordinary marijuana strain in its own right.

Appearance & Aroma

As is commonly the case with OG strains, the SFV OG marijuana strain offers tart, piney notes followed by a strong citrus scent at the finish. You may be surprised at the overall aroma, which is spicy yet sweet. While it isn’t as earthy as other OG strains, it isn’t as sour as the Jet Fuel strain.

This strain’s flavour is almost as potent as its scent. The lemon flavour is robust and may even feel slightly harsh if you smoke this bud in a joint. You will also get a lemongrass flavour, and the overall flavour remains on your tongue for some time after exhalation. This Indica is a strain that works exceptionally well with a vaporizer. SFV OG has a typical OG form. The nugs are round and relatively dense, with minimal pistils and a wintergreen hue.


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