Tangie Dream AAA

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THC 22-24%

AAA | Sativa | Under $100

Tangie Dream is classified as a Sativa-dominant cannabis strain (70 Sativa/30 Indica). The flavour profile is orange, sweet, and peppery, and the aroma can be citrusy and sweet. Shortly after consumption, it induces energized, euphoric, uplifted, and happy effects. These positive influences of Tangie Dream may help relieve depression, fatigue, and stress. This strain is excellent to pair with playing board games, creative tasks and spending time outdoors.

FLAVOURS: Orange, Peppery, Sweet
EFFECTS: Energized, Euphoric, Creative, Happy, Uplifted

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The breeders of this uplifting kush remain a mystery. However, the cannabis community has recognized that Tangie Dream is the outcome of crossing two famous cannabis strains: Blue Dream and Tangie. Calling this strain cannabis royalty would be putting it lightly, as both of its parent strains have developed into classics in their own right. The Tangie Dream strain inherits the best qualities of both of its parents, making it an extraordinary and potent flower containing an average THC content of 20% and an average CBD content of 2%. This 10:1 THC: CBD ratio makes the Tangie Dream flower an excellent strain for medical cannabis users.

Appearance & Aroma

Tangie Dream has several noteworthy physical features. The buds themselves are often large, lumpy, and khaki green in colour. They regularly resemble large popped popcorn, with many furry orange hairs wrapped around the exterior. In addition to these orange hairs, you’ll find some chunky amber-coloured trichomes spread evenly on the surface of the nugs. When breaking open the buds, it reveals more of these trichomes inside. This Sativa entices the senses with a delightful aroma of fresh orange peel and candy.

Effects & Benefits

Blue Dream, one of this Sativa strain’s parents, is appreciated for its relaxing and hazy effects. The Tangie Dream high is very similar to that of Blue Dream, but it includes a bit of Tangie’s cerebral energy and creative focus, which helps resist the aimless haze produced in Blue Dream. This enduring high will have you feeling like a new version of yourself as it combines euphoric and uplifting energy with a relaxing and slightly sedative body high.

The high begins with euphoric cerebral energy, enabling users to focus on their creative pursuances without distractions. As time goes on, users find themselves becoming increasingly introspective and relaxed, which often leads to a dreamy sedative state. These combined effects make for excellent treatment in the fight against illnesses like depression, stress, fatigue, aches and pains. At the same time, Tangie Dream works to improve the overall mood, leaving you feeling quite happy and uplifted.

2 reviews for Tangie Dream AAA

  1. Elle (verified owner)

    Great value for the price. Decent sized buds. A bit harsh of a smoke but the pain relief more than makes up for it. Sorry to see that it is almost out of stock. Would definitely purchase again. Shout-out to the CC9 team for excellent customer care, fast shipping times and amazing choice of strains.

  2. Elle (verified owner)

    Tangie Dream is one of my go-tos. Got it at an unbelievable sale price – wish I was rich I would have bought more at that price! Anyhow this batch is top-notch. Fresh, smooth and has that cerebral kick that takes me out of my mundane worries. Again, shipping times are incredibly fast. A+ for product, customer service and great sales every week.

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