Tyson Og AAA

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THC 24-25%

AAA | Indica

Like its namesake, Mike Tyson, the boxing champion, Tyson OG is a 100% pure Indica strain with the absolute power to knock you flat out. The high hits users hard with a jab to the head almost instantly after toking, leaving them feeling hazy yet euphoric and introspective.

FLAVOURS: Skunky, Kush, Sweet, Herbal, Floral
EFFECTS: Relaxed, Euphoric, Hungry, Sleepy

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Even though Mike Tyson himself has taken up cannabis farming, having started up a weed-themed resort in the Mojave Desert, this Indica bud is the creation from Canna Clinic. While the strain’s heredity has been kept exclusive, there’s nothing secret about Tyson’s power. Its THC percentage has been measured at between 20% and 25%.

Appearance & Aroma

The Tyson OG strain sets itself apart with dense, medium-sized buds. The small, twisting leaves are a light shade of green and with dark red and amber pistils. These flowers tend to cling together in an elongated, almost circular formation and maintain a typically Indica like structure, with a solid center. Finally, a sprinkling of rust-coloured trichomes coats the inside and outside of the surface of these buds, making them quite sticky and difficult to break up without a grinder.

The first smell of these resinous flowers reveals their predominantly dank aroma, reminiscent of damp soil. Creeping out underneath is a somewhat floral and sweet fragrance. Upon breaking open the buds of Tyson OG, a vibrant smell of spice and hash is released, suggesting an origin from Afghani. When lit in a joint or a pipe, it gives off a harsh smoke that may start a coughing fit. This smoke tastes skunky and sweet on the exhale; it can also be quite pungent, so those smoking in public should take necessary precautions.

Effects & Benefits

As an Indica to its core, Tyson OG requires some time to warm up before hitting users with its full force. After 15 minutes or so, you may notice an elevated blood flow to your head, followed by some flushing in the cheeks and pressure around the eyes and temples. After adjusting to these sensations, you’ll enjoy the spectrum of effects that Tyson OG has to give. For some, this cannabis can seriously distort their sensory judgment, with possible auditory and visual distortions like an increase of certain sounds or a flattening of depth and perspective. Some users also report more abstract influences like an uncanny sense of time dilation.

To fully appreciate these immersive physical qualities, set the mood with some calming music or TV — maybe even an old Mike Tyson event. Besides these mind-bending, trippy effects, Tyson does not do much in the form of mental stimulation. Instead, be prepared to stretch out where you’re comfortable, as this strain’s palpable body high starts to set in. Tyson OG is not the best option for performing much work, as it’s more likely to slow down cognitive function and strip away motivation and energy. Save this knockout for a lazy day when you have nothing pressing planned. It’s an excellent way to unwind with like-minded friends and a great accompaniment to passive activities like binge-watching or crafting. Due to its virtually entirely drowsy effects, Tyson is recommended for nighttime or evening consumption.

2 reviews for Tyson Og AAA

  1. Thomas Hamlyn (verified owner)

    Another winner from CC9 have had Tyson a few times always a good indica thanks CC9 👍🥊

  2. baloudadou (verified owner)

    Really does feel like an uppercut from Tyson ! Suprised my friend last time with this one, they
    ‘re alway the type who rolls to big so I prank them with an 100% indica :’) They been blown away like I did first time ! Thank you 🙂 xo

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