White Russian AAAA

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THC 20-25%

AAAA | Hybrid

The White Russian marijuana strain is a potent Hybrid that originates from some famous genetics. This bold cerebral strain offers some of the best of what Sativa varieties have to give.

The effects heighten the mind while leaving the body relatively functional, making it perfect for complex tasks involving problem solving or creative thinking. For instance, it would be an excellent option to consume before playing cards or a board game with friends.

FLAVOURS: Citrus, Sweet, Pine, Spicy, Woody, Floral
EFFECTS: Creative, Energized, Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed


Initially produced by Dutch seed bank Serious Seeds, the White Russian strain is a cross between Sativa AK-47 and the notoriously strong Sativa-dominant White Widow. These genetics give White Russian an introspective and potent head high. This strain earned 1st place in the best overall category at the 1996 High Time Cannabis Cup, and at no surprise. With consistently high THC content between 20 and 25%, White Russian is sure to impact anyone who decides to try it.

Appearance & Aroma

The flowers of White Russian tend to be small to medium in size. Their structure is more typical of Sativa strains, with fluffy, loosely-clustered leaves. The leaves are soft green and, depending on the individual plant phenotype, may be moderate to heavily coated in frosty trichomes like its parent, White Widow.

When optimally cured, the flowers give off an earthy, dank smell pass down from White Widow combined with sweet citrus fruit inherited from AK-47. It also has a floral and sweet aftertaste from the various Asian and South American landrace strains in its heredity.

When combusted, the aroma is more skunky and somewhat spicy. Users have described the smoke from White Russian as harsh and lung-expanding. The smoke tastes slightly spicy upon exhale.

Effects & Benefits

The White Russian Hybrid high takes hold almost instantly with some initial disorientation and tightening around the temples. You may feel energized and motivated while functioning with more clarity. It has a profoundly cerebral high that can lend itself to introspection, lateral thinking for problem-solving, and creative inspiration. A feeling of euphoria and emotional well-being can follow this mental stimulation. A strong head high makes it helpful in treating depression and anxiety.

It is also incredibly beneficial for users with attention deficit disorders. More likely to leave you energized than sluggish, White Russian is a recommended strain to be indulged during the daytime.

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  1. kingkong (store manager)

    WOW, this strain hits all the spot. It made me feel energized and made me go about my day.

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