The Different Stages of Being High

There is no single cannabis experience because each person’s endocannabinoid system is unique, much like a fingerprint. 

A 5 mg THC edible may have a profound effect on one individual while having little effect on another. Having said that, there is one thing that all marijuana users can agree on: THC makes you high, and the high is an experience.

When smoking or vaping, the effects normally start to kick in minutes after use, peak 20–30 minutes later, and persist for up to two hours. Contrarily, when consumed, THC passes through the liver and into the bloodstream. 

The resultant peak of the high happens two to three hours from the commencement, which can happen up to two hours after consumption. Depending on the dosage, the effects can then last up to 24 hours.

Both highs, whether consumed or breathed, can range from light and controllable to mesmerizingly intoxicated. Knowing your dosage is essential.

The stoned spectrum can help you understand the similarities and differences between the effects you and others may experience if you’re ready to compare notes with your own experiences or if you’re new to cannabis and unsure of what to anticipate. 

Explore the many phases of being high below to discover whether it all adds up.

Stage 1: The Initial Experience

Normally, cannabis reacts with your nose and mouth first. Traces of terpenes can even predict the direction, length, and potency of your high when using edibles.

Take a whiff and enjoy the flavor since how your marijuana tastes and smells can have a big impact on your cannabis experience. Additionally, you can prepare your plans — as well as munchies — for when your high gets going while you are tasting and smelling your herb.

Stage 2: Euphoria

It will feel like your limbs are carrying 592 pounds. Despite being unable to move, you won’t even care.

Your anxieties will have all vanished. The Disco Biscuits will be the perfect music to listen to when you doze off for the rest of your life. The world will be in perfect order.

Stage 3: Thoughtfulness

This is the stage when you become hyper-aware of the tiny place, thanks to that mind-numbing euphoria that has impacted your mind. 

You are contemplating issues that you had never even considered before at this point (like why in the world Justin Bieber is still popular).

There are a lot of things to examine and comprehend throughout stage three. On the vast canvas of the universe, you are but a meager spec. You begin to feel overtaken by these speculative ideas. You start having lengthy conversations with your pals on the nature of reality and the universe’s endless structure.

Untitled 1 The Different Stages of Being High

Stage 4: A Blazing Phase

This stage can happen so quickly and fluidly that there could not be many subtle consequences between getting hit hard and experiencing a strong onset. The THC concentration in your blood will eventually reach its maximum, at which point your high will begin to take effect—sometimes strongly.

To ensure a moderate swoon, it’s imperative to adjust your dose to meet your tolerance. The ideal moment to ground oneself during this phase is by taking a few slow, deep breaths.

Stage 5: Tension

Users can experience a tug between gravity and ascension as their bodies acclimatize to the THC in their circulation, which can lead to anxiety or stress.

Having a pre-planned activity and some CBD that softens THC on hand may help you avoid feeling helpless in this situation. To keep your mind occupied and your high going strong, now would be the time to take a hike, put on a game system, or run a bath.

Stage 6: On Cloud 9

Your chosen cannabis strain or product’s effects should become more focused as your high solidifies, and any distinctive qualities that initially drew you to it will solidify and become apparent.

Focus-altering strains may unleash frenzied creativity, euphoric strains may cause giggle fits, conversational strains may loosen the lips, and chill-out strains may entrap you on the couch. When THC blood levels are at their highest and the body is at ease with that concentration, some people consider this to be the peak.

Stage 7: A Cool Off Period

Consumers in this stage will start to notice a gradual easing of effects, aside from the munchies, as the THC in the bloodstream becomes less concentrated. This stage may last for an hour or maybe the majority of the day.

You start to feel really sleepy after a long day of being high, smoking nonstop, eating, and generally doing nothing worthwhile with your waking hours. You no longer possess any life at all.

Even if you probably didn’t engage in much physical activity, it doesn’t really matter when it comes to coming down from a high. Your body feels as though it just finished a marathon.

In spite of feeling tired, you will be happy and content.

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