Dutch Treat AAA

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THC 22-24%

AAA | Indica

The term “Dutch treat” is the traditional practice of splitting a bill after a date isn’t nearly as enjoyable as the weed strain of the same title. Dutch Treat referred to as Dutch Crunch, is an Indica-heavy Hybrid with a ratio of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. An excellent option for evening socializing or a night of movies and popcorn.

FLAVOURS: Fruity, Pine, Woody, Sweet
EFFECTS: Euphoric, Creative, Happy, Relaxed

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Dutch Treat is a multiple award-winning Indica dominant Hybrid that originated in the isles of British Columbia despite its name. The strain was produced by Jordan of the Islands, the breeder recognized for the award-winning God Bud and Blue Hawaiian strains, but was afterward released by East Island Seeds. Even though the East Island cut leans heavily toward Indica, the original Dutch Treat, whose heredity is a mystery, reportedly was equal-parts Sativa and Indica.

Appearance & Aroma

The leaves themselves are a mix of light and forest green with amber pistils underneath a dense coating of trichomes. Due to the high resin content and structure, buds of Dutch Treat may be hard to break apart for a joint or a pipe if you’re not utilizing a grinder. The scent of this strain, while enjoyable, isn’t especially remarkable or pungent. The cured nugs have a softened woodsy scent of cedar and pine accentuated by nonspecific citrus sweetness. The smoke is exceptionally smooth and has the taste of herbs and more pine.

Effects & Benefits

This Indica strain acts almost instantly, with a euphoric head rush. Dutch Treat heightens sociability and some talkativeness while giving a positive and feel-good mood. The head high ultimately gives way to a sense of physical relaxation. Users might encounter lethargy and, with higher doses, couchlock from its sedative properties. Apart from Dutch Treat’s ability to ease tension, this bud’s small quantities of CBD have been reported to provide relief from nausea, chronic pain, and insomnia, as well as from mental ailments such as PTSD, anxiety, and attention deficit disorders.

2 reviews for Dutch Treat AAA

  1. adamdouglas1027 (verified owner)

    I must say I was pleased with these treats lol. Bang for your buck! Very pretty nugs and a good buzz.

  2. Magneto

    I really enjoy this product. Quality medecine

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