Mick Jagger OG (LSO Craft Organic)

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THC 25-28%

Mick Jagger OG (LSO Craft Organic) | Sativa

Mick Jagger OG is a BC grown, super loud LSO Craft Organic strain that delivers rock-hard buds. This organic Sativa dominant cannabis strain (70 Sativa/30 Indica) throws heavy loads of resin, and the assigned keeper phenotype creates smells reminiscent of Jack Herer.

FLAVOURS: Sweet, Lemon, Pie
EFFECTS: Energetic, Euphoric, Focused, Social

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Effects & Benefits

If you are somebody that wants energy and a pick-me-up from your go-to weed strains, Mick Jagger OG is a proper choice. You can anticipate feeling ready to go after you smoke some of this stuff, with the effects booting in almost immediately (which means you won’t need to waste much time with that all-important wake-n’-bake).

The Mick Jagger OG strain can also be an excellent facilitator for deep, meaningful conversations and entertaining, hysterical, light-hearted chats. And don’t worry about losing any attention either, as these buds will keep you on your toes and alert at all times (but not generally in a way that brings anxiety or worry).

When this Sativa begins to wear down, it brings about an overwhelming sensation of euphoria that isn’t necessarily relaxing. It offers extreme pleasure and often a rapid creative or artistic energy flow. You might feel like you are flying through the clouds later on during your high.

Mick Jagger OG is considered an ideal daytime or after-work strain, and it is best saved for a moment longer before bedtime – otherwise, you might discover yourself tossing and turning all night, trying to go to sleep.

1 review for Mick Jagger OG (LSO Craft Organic)

  1. lawrence646

    Decided to try this out during a sale and I’m super happy I did. You really get what you pay for. All around excellent bud

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