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Pink Starburst AAA

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THC 25-28%

AAA | Sativa | Under $100

Pink Starburst is an aptly named Sativa-dominant (70 Sativa/30 Indica) that results from an unknown breeder doing thoughtful and detailed breeding. The first step in its design was crossing DJ Short’s Blueberry with the classic strain, Headband. The outcome of this heady cross is then bred with Sour Diesel BX3, resulting in the plant we know as Pink Starburst. This strain possesses a high THC concentration based on the harvest and cure, and it can range between 25-28% and is best consumed in the morning as a wake-and-bake or throughout the day. This cannabis should be on everyone’s “must try” inventory, as its delicious flavour profile is sure to not only impress but is also likely cause you to fall in love with its effects.

FLAVOURS: Candy, Herbal, Sweet
EFFECTS: Creative, Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted


Appearance & Aroma

Even though its name Pink Starburst might have you thinking of the soft pink square candy, these flowers aren’t pink. Instead, they boast a bright green and are fluffy, which will impress those who purchase them. They’re covered in curling orange hairs and a layer of amber-gold trichomes that will satisfy any snob concerned about the strain’s appearance. The nugs also contain purple tones that, in the right light, often take on a pinkish tint. The smell is floral, with a sweet-but-sour berry aroma and mellow and musty earth. The taste of Pink Starburst is so thick that these nugs are described as “dripping” with flavour. With every hit, you should expect flavours like sweet fruity candy with a bit of an earthy aftertaste that’ll have you desiring for another hit.

Effects & Benefits

Those suffering from chronic pain, stress, nausea, and depression will find that Pink Starburst delivers beneficial effects that help fight these chronic symptoms. Although you might find yourself attempting to go slow, you will come back for another hit as soon as you taste its sweet taste. Almost immediately, your head will be filled with incredibly calm focus. Anything you need to dive into your day, be it chores or a unique project, will fall to this intense focus and clearness. The bonus is that this strain’s mood-boosting capability will have you finish task after task with a massive grin on your face, giving consumers a big boost of positive energy. These effects spread head-to-toe and are sure to get you up and at them in the morning and carry you throughout the day.

2 reviews for Pink Starburst AAA

  1. Thomas Hamlyn (verified owner)

    Wow is stuff awesome very uplifting, nice tasting sativa. I would highly recommend trying this before it’s gone thanks CC9 👍

  2. gotpang (verified owner)

    Thomas was right, I had to try this strain regardless as a Pink connoisseur. Definitely a tasty treat with a nice punch. If you like the pinks too, give this one a try and you won’t be disappointed! Just restocked my personal supply ‍💨

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