Platinum Girl Scout Cookies AAA

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THC 19-25%

AAA | Hybrid

Girl Scout Cookies is a cannabis superstar, with people clamouring for the weed and the seeds from coast to coast. So it’s only expected for Platinum Girl Scout Cookies, the second type following the more talked-about Thin Mint GSC, to be a fan-favourite. The flavour is silky, and the THC levels are roosted on a mental mountaintop — it’ll have you flying, destroying your anxiety and pain. Platinum GSC is the holy grail of stress relief.

FLAVOURS: Berry, Fruity, Herbal, Spicy, Sweet
EFFECTS: Body High, Creative, Euphoric, Energized, Happy, Uplifted


The Platinum Girl Scout Cookies flower is a sightly leaning Indica dominant Hybrid (60 Indica/40 Sativa) crossed with OG Kush, F1 Durban Poison. The mysterious third flower that usually puzzles people is the infamous Cherry Pie made famous by Bay area rapper Berner. This parentage has produced a hybrid that has earned all the awards that it has won and its reputation over the years.

Appearance & Aroma

With the bonus of Cherry Pie into the mix, Platinum Girl Scout Cookies produces nice-sized flowers covered in orange hairs with a combination of purple and light to dark green colouration.

The Platinum GSC smoke is cloudy, nearly milky-white, and smells sweetly pungent. The flavours that mix into the atmosphere of your room include fruity, herbal, spicy, and even a tiny hint of chocolate. The pinelike, earthy beauty of this relaxation superstar can be the MVP of your stress relief team. The effects of happy euphoria and creative energy are winners in our book.

Effects & Benefits

The THC levels reach up to 25%, allowing incredible relief for people suffering from various forms of stress, anxiety, and depression. In a pinch, this strain can assist insomniacs, though it’s more frequently suggested for pain. It can help loosen muscle spasms, calm bouts of attention disorders like ADHD, ADD, and even treat arthritis symptoms.

1 review for Platinum Girl Scout Cookies AAA

  1. Thomas Hamlyn (verified owner)

    Just got this and wow loving it very relaxing buzz and found it easy on the throat definetly recommend especially at the price can’t go wrong thanks CC9👍

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