Purple Sour Diesel AAA

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THC 24%

AAA | Sativa

A striking and fast-acting Sativa-dominant Hybrid strain is the sensational Purple Sour Diesel. It invigorates the mind while physically relaxing the body. Purple Sour Diesel features heavy head effects and a slight body high.

FLAVOURS: Sour, fruity, diesel
EFFECTS: Focused, social, creative, happy, relaxed

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Purple Sour Diesel’s genetic makeup is a cross between a stinky Sativa, Sour Diesel and Indica Purple Kush. With an enduring potency that’s sure to impress novice and seasoned cannabis users alike.

Appearance & Aroma

Purple Sour Diesel’s presence is noticed immediately with its trichome covered, medium to large purple buds. Thanks to the heredity of Purple Kush, it passes on its high concentration of anthocyanin pigments.

Similar to other diesel varieties, this bud holds a distinct diesel flavour and smell. If carried around in public, we recommend double-bagging this smelly bud. When combusted in a joint or pipe, it gives off a pungent and fruity aroma resembling sour grapes, along with a spicy, earthy flavour on the exhale. This Sativa-dominant flower provides a milky smoke with a pleasantly tart flavour, making it a favoured option for regular smokers and bong users.

Effects & Benefits

With a ratio of 70% Sativa and 30% Indica, Purple Sour Diesel provides a significant energy boost with a heavy dose of creativity and euphoria. The effects are mainly cerebral, with minor body effects such as feeling loose and relaxed. The mental and physical stimulation given by this powerful bud can be an excellent way to improve activities that require complex coordination, such as playing video games and exercising. In a suitable set and setting, it can even be an aphrodisiac.

It may enable concentration and focus for those with attention deficit disorders such as ADD or ADHD. It might also temporarily take the edge off of mild to moderate symptoms of stress and depression. Physiologically, Purple Sour Diesel is known to soothe pain, whether it is chronic, as in the case of serious illness, or more common, such as indigestion. Its early effects can be very cerebral and bring about deep, recursive patterns of thinking and reflection.

2 reviews for Purple Sour Diesel AAA

  1. Mike

    I bought the purple sour diesel It was perfect for the morning wake and bake and got my day going I love it how it made me focus on the couple task I had to get done cheers to crytalcloud9 for recommending this to me

  2. Mike

    Great strain! Great terpenes too…

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