Sensi Star AAA

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THC 24-26%

AAA | Indica

The Sensi Star cannabis strain is an award-winning Indica dominant Hybrid (70% Indica/30% Sativa) that smells of citrus lemon and a coniferous forest, comparable to the strain’s flavour. This potent bud has been described as a “one-hit quitter” and recommended to users with a high tolerance.

FLAVOURS: Citrus, Herbal, Pine, Sweet
EFFECTS: Creative, Euphoric, Happy, Hungry, Relaxed, Sleepy

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The crew at Paradise Seeds created Sensi Star, and they have not shared the whole truth of this strain’s genetics. They have said that it is mostly Afghani Indica; however, the flower most definitely contains some Sativa in its lineage (we estimate it 30 percent).

Appearance & Aroma

It grows abundantly in the Sea of Green method, Sensi Star’s flowers, for about seven weeks. This strain can produce up to 450 grams per plant, and reportedly, it can deliver up to 3.5 pounds when grown correctly. It does excellently when grown with a hydroponics setup. Sensi Star usually tops out at six feet in height.

Effects & Benefits

Most feel the high immediately, with cerebral effects beginning right after the first hit that raises moods and gives users a feeling of euphoria. Shortly afterwards, users may feel a strong body high that eases muscles. These effects are accompanied by a lazy haze that can make it difficult to focus. Some also find the strain can vase them to feel very tired and sleepy, making it favoured for evening use.

Sensi Star is regularly the choice for those looking to relieve their chronic aches and pains, and many find this strain can make even severe pain controllable. This Indica weed is known to reduce stress, the restless nights of insomnia, depression and anxiety. Some utilize it to generate an appetite or to combat the effects of headaches, migraines and glaucoma.

5 reviews for Sensi Star AAA

  1. WorstCaseOntario

    Don’t want to miss this one! Very tasty and potent flower. The taste and smell is comparable to good pineapple Express, or gorilla glue#4. Smokes very smooth and was very fresh.

  2. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Oh, yea! I’m not big on leaving reviews but this was one I can’t let getaway. this is true Sensi Star I know I’ve grown it and purchased it many times b4. It has that beautiful Sensi star smell that no one can forget. The citrusy grapy scent keeps you dipping your nose in the bag. the buds are sexy green with lots of orange hairs just like the photo above. The buzz is so good and deep it relaxes the body and eases muscle pains. the head buzz takes away all anxiety. Leaving you happy and laid back. I love it and this is my new go-to when I need to restock on Cannabis. I Will buy it again if you keep it in stock and I do recommend this strain to anyone who loves that old-school buzz and taste. Thanks guys for your great prices and super good strains.

  3. MCDaddy

    Nose: The nose very pungent. It had a sweet herbal spiciness with some lemon citrus.
    Stickiness/Moisture: The moisture level was great; it was pretty dense, but it still had a bit of squish to it. It wasn’t sticky.
    Taste: I got lots of the herbal spiciness and some pine. It was very flavourful.
    Burn: The burn was great. It burnt slow, the ash was very light and clingy, and it gave decent smoke.
    Potency/Effects: There was a bit of a punch to it but it isn’t a take you out strain. I felt those relaxing and sleepy effects from it. Eventually it got a bit heavier and started to weigh me down and slow things up for me. It is a good lazy day and evening strain.
    Overall score – 9.1/10

  4. Tamus Ryan

    These are some pretty excellent buds! The smell is also very very nice!

  5. n00t (verified owner)

    I really love this strain. it is pleasantly potent, offering a deep, happy high without too much brain fog. If you’re a looking for a heavy-hitting strain that’s equally suitable for a relaxed day high, go with this!

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