Shishkaberry AAA

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THC 23%

AAA | Indica

An exotic top-shelf Indica-dominant strain is the stunning Shishkaberry strain, also referred to as “Kish.” Shishkaberry’s fame has reached epic proportions over the last few years, thanks to its smooth and exquisite smoke matched with a tasty berry flavour profile.

FLAVOURS: Berry, sweet, earthy
EFFECTS: Creative, happy, euphoric, focused, relaxed, sleepy

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Shishkaberry is a descendent of DJ Short Blueberry with an unknown Afghani strain. Although the genetics remain a mystery, it is certain that the enticing aroma and taste of a slightly earthy note balancing out the sweet berry will keep you coming back for more.

Appearance & Aroma

The medium-large nugs are trimmed to perfection. The beautiful Shishkaberry buds are long and dense with shades of green and a tinge of purple with an immense coating of frosty trichomes that is sure to delight every connoisseur. The fresh earthy berry scent of this flower is incredible. Users will be tempted to keep an un-smoked bud to sniff all day. If only there were a perfume or cologne of this flower because the aroma is delightful.

Effects & Benefits

If you desire an increase of creativity or mental refresh, you can rely on Shishkaberry. Expect a roller-coaster of a high, starting with the mind and descending to the body with this potent Indica-dominant strain. Initially, users describe feeling the Sativa happy head high that enhances focus, promotes mood and social interaction. Due to the couch-lock effects at the end of the high, Shishkabery is most suitable for a quick pick-me-up in the evening. The key is not to be involved in physically demanding activities because users will notice their high transforming to a sedative, creeping over their entire body. Ultimately, ideas of being productive disappear, and a relaxed, dreamy state takes over, with users typically drifting off to a night of deep sleep.

3 reviews for Shishkaberry AAA

  1. [email protected] (verified owner)

    very nice buds.

  2. Annette DREW (verified owner)

    One of my favourites. Great buzz, lasted long. Not harsh. Smells great, nice budz

  3. Tamus Ryan

    The buds look fantastic! Would definitely recommend 🔥

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