Snow White AAA


THC 24%

AAA | Hybrid | 

As the name implies, the Snow White strain feels like it came out of a fairytale and is very much adored by users and breeders. It was created by a White Widow mother (champion of the 1995 Cannabis Cup) plus an unknown Indica father known to be American. This Hybrid has a heightened THC count and low CBD and never falls to treat recreational and medical users.

FLAVOURS: Citrus, Pine, Skunky, Sweet, Tea, Woody

EFFECTS: Creative, Euphoric, Giggly, Relaxed, Sleepy



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Appearance & Aroma

Staying true to its title, Snow White is a pretty sight to behold. It grows to 36 inches (3 feet) and has an excellent, closely packed, elegant bonsai spruce shape. Its leaves are oval, broad and deep green. The vast and dense buds are pleasantly delicate. Although they are dark green like the leaves, being covered in an astounding number of resins makes the buds seem pale. Multiple dark brown and red hairs give the buds a fluffy look, and the resins give the impression that the plant has been snowed on, which makes it truly stunning.

This strain has an earthy, citrus-laden aroma, which can also be found in its flavour. The smoke is very smooth and thick and carries a citrusy flavour. The adventurous earthy taste is complemented by a nutty and flowery sweetness, with a sweet lemon aftertaste.

Effects & Benefits

Snow White, like the fairytale itself, is fun and helpful. It forms a pleasant and soothing body buzz and delivers a mellow head high. The high lasts about 2 hours and leaves an excellent, tingling sensation. It causes relaxing feelings of elation, happiness, hunger and creativity, which makes it ideal for recreational use.

In addition to assisting in recreational activities, Snow White does wonders regarding medicinal benefits. It helps to soothe the effects of chemotherapy, nausea, and anxiety while relieving depression, stress, pain, lack of appetite, insomnia and fatigue.


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