Snowball AAA


THC 23-25%

AAA | Indica

Snowball is a rare Indica dominant Hybrid (70 Indica/30 Sativa) cannabis strain that stands out due to the large-sized buds and high THC percentage. This cup champion can produce massive yields of dense and icy buds garnished in trichomes. Vibrant terpenes fill the senses and air with creamy notes, gas/fuel, and light citrus, making this a favourite evening choice for many recreational and medical users alike.

FLAVOURS: Creamy, Gas, Citrus, Sour, Sweet
EFFECTS: Relaxed, Uplifted, Sleepy

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The unique Snowball strain was created by crossing The White X Chem 4 OG S1 strains.

Appearance & Aroma

This beautiful bud is named for its insanely gorgeous sparkling appearance. Snowball buds have oversized, heavy fluffy popcorn-shaped flowers with amber tones, a sprinkling of thin rust-coloured hairs and a blanketed with glimmering crystal trichomes. As you pull apart each dense bud, fragrances of creamy fuel/gas and sour, pungent chemicals fill the air, enhanced with a citrusy effect when combusted. The taste is comparable, with a tart citrus overtone accented by a creamy exhale packed full of savoury diesel.

Effects & Benefits

The effects of Snowball aren’t quite as lively as the flavour, with a relaxing high that is best suited for the evening or during a tough time falling asleep. Users feel a soothing lift at the beginning that fills the mind with hazy happiness and a feeling of well-being. As the mind drifts away into peaceful bliss, the body then settles into a creeping couch-lock, ending in sedation and finally fading away into a deep and restful sleep.


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