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Sour Cookies AAA


THC 15-17%

AAA | Sativa 

An exceptional option for both day and evening time use is the Sour Cookies Sativa-dominant strain. This well-balanced marijuana strain produces uplifting cerebral euphoria, increases social interaction, energizes the mind and enhances creativity—the high transitions into a relaxed state with a slight chance of couch-lock.

FLAVOURS: Sweet, diesel, skunk
EFFECTS: Energetic, uplifted, creative, euphoric, social, relaxed


Sour Cookies is a 70/30 Sativa-dominant Hybrid with rock star parents, Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookies. If enjoyed sparingly, the Sativa effects are prominent. On the other hand, if taken in a larger quantity, an Indica-induced session of couch-lock is more likely.

Appearance & Aroma

The nugs appear long and thin without a ton of trichomes and a modest amount of orange hairs. Despite possessing “cookie” in its name, this cannabis flower doesn’t taste as sweet as one might think. Hashy and earthy aromas mixed with a dough-like quality and rounded off with sour diesel notes. The taste is somewhat smoother, with a bit of nuttiness blended in.

Effects & Benefits

Highly appreciated as a pain reliever and antidepressant, this Sativa flower is commonly used in the medical cannabis community. Anxiety and stress will melt away as long as you don’t consume too much, and those with aches and pains or inflammation will find relief swiftly. This bud works great when combating exhaustion as long as it’s not overdone. The name of the game for Sour Cookies is all about dosage.


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