Strawberry Banana AAA

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THC 23%

AAA | Indica 

Strawberry Banana, also referred to as “Strawnana,” is an Indica cannabis strain (70 Indica/30 Sativa) created by DNA Genetics in collaboration with Serious Seeds. A genetic cross of Crockett’s Banana Kush and the “Strawberry” phenotype of Bubble Gum, Strawberry Banana inherited a fruity, sweet flavour, hence the name. Known for its rich resin production and high-THC content, Strawberry Banana delivers happy, peaceful effects that sharpen creativity and sensory cognition.

FLAVOURS: Berry, Strawberry, Sweet, Tropical
EFFECTS: Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy, Calm

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This flower was bred by BC Bud Depot, originally only from clones but eventually from seeds. Their work paid off because it earned Strain of the Year for High Times in 2007 and has remained a popular heavy-hitter ever since.

Appearance & Aroma

With a universally-appealing flavour and an easygoing, mellow high, Strawberry Banana enjoys wide popularity in the Canadian market. In 2018 Emerald Cannabis Worx LLC contacted Wikileaf with a document of their lab test results by Green Leaf Labs. The information boasted a whopping 32.61% Total THC for their variant of Strawberry Banana. To top it all off, testing labs consistently discovered flowers of Strawberry Banana to have between 24-26% THC.

Strawberry Banana has small to medium-sized buds that keep a tight, dense structure — the tightly-packed leaves do not pull easily off their central stems. The leaves appear light green with a yellowish hue and are set off by vibrant orange pistils. Some phenotypes of this strain are also speckled with purple, resulting in pigments in the plant’s genetics being stimulated by cooler than average temperatures during the growing cycle. A fuzzy coating of white trichomes surrounds the flowers and accounts for their high THC. When adequately cured, flowers of this strain have a sweet and mildly fruity flavour, more like banana than strawberry.

Breaking open or grinding the nugs yields a more hashy, spicy scent, betraying this strain’s OG Kush roots. Strawberry Banana presents a smooth, easy smoke when combusted and tastes like berries on the exhale. And while it might leave behind a fruity, creamy sense, Strawberry Banana is also very pungent, so those trying to keep their consumption discreet should take notice.

Effects & Benefits

Like many potent Indicas, Strawberry Banana has a high that builds gradually, often taking several minutes after smokers have savoured its unique taste before fully revealing its effects. Users will ultimately feel a sharpened sensory perception and may feel like certain sights or sounds have taken on a psychedelic element. These trippy — but not entirely cerebral — effects can be well suited to the enjoyment of low-key movies and music; they may also be a great companion for a lengthy walk or a hike. Any initial cognitive impact from this strain is soon overtaken by powerful Indica relaxation.

Smokers may look to take a load off in the closest cozy surroundings. Associative thinking persists throughout the high and may lend itself to creative thinking and problem-solving. Couch lock is expected in the later stages of the high. Because of its delayed sedative onset, Strawberry Banana is best suited for evening or nighttime use.

This strain has many uses for medical cannabis patients as well. Its sedative Indica effects can relieve moderate and acute aches and pains. Those with anxiety or depression may feel momentary relief, as elevated senses may contribute to a feeling of being “in the moment.” Strawberry Banana’s sustained feeling of focus can also be of use to patients with attention deficit disorders.

3 reviews for Strawberry Banana AAA

  1. kdarmstrong882 (verified owner)

    Great strain. Fantastic flavors on the nose and the mouth. Unfortunately you can’t seem to keep the darn stuff lit.

  2. Thomas Hamlyn (verified owner)

    Excellent stuff so glad I got in on the sale! Great taste, easy on the throat and very nice buzz lol Highly recommend thanks CC9

  3. Matthew Gagnon (verified owner)

    Very nice strain, I get the strawberry but the banana is lacking lol. Smooth high and smoke

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