Blue Hawaiian Skunk AAAA

THC 18-24%

AAAA | Sativa

Blue Hawaiian Skunk is a Sativa leaning Hybrid cross between two potent strains: the Hawaiian Indica and Skunk #1, Invoking images of tropical drinks and Elvis movies. Jordan of the Islands created Blue Hawaiian Skunk, a prolific breeding operation founded in scenic Vancouver Island, British Columbia. This boldly-flavoured strain delivers a balanced high that blends the best of its relaxing Indica and stimulating Sativa heredity. Cannabis testing lab Analytical 360 measured Blue Hawaiian Skunk’s THC content reaching as high as 24%.

FLAVOURS: Berry, Skunk, Pineapple, Spicy, Sweet
EFFECTS: Energized, Euphoric, Happy

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Appearance & Aroma

The Blue Hawaiian Skink strain has medium-sized flowers that, once cured, take chunky, popcorn-like formations. Leaves are tightly curled in a heavy and dense bud structure, standard in Indica types. The leaves are brilliant lime green and contrast vibrant orange hairs threaded throughout the buds. These hairs are pistils and reproductive systems meant to capture pollen from fertilizing male plants. In distinctive phenotypes of Blue Hawaiian Skunk, the buds are also streaked with purple and blue hues. These latter colours result from high concentrations of anthocyanin pigments (given from parent strain Blueberry) stimulated by cold temperatures during the growing process. These colourful flowers are sprinkled with glassy white trichomes, making them resinous and challenging to break up for pipes or joints without the help of a grinder.

Blue Hawaiian has a fruity, skunky, tropical aroma of pineapple and lemon-like its cousin strain, XXXX. This strain burns easy and smooth, and its smoke leaves a woody, piney taste when exhaled. Meanwhile, a musky blueberry scent lingers in the background. Notably, blue and purple-tinged buds of Blue Hawaiian Skunk do not necessarily have a blueberry or grape taste; the pigments that determine the leaves’ colour do not affect their scent and flavour.

Effects & Benefits

Blue Hawaiian Skunk has a high that ascends slowly, sometimes taking several minutes to hit users with its power. Users may detect a marked improvement in mood, together with a warm tingle that spreads gradually throughout the body. This coexisting physical and mental relaxation may have psychedelic effects, like visual distortions or the feeling of time dilation. Trippy experiences notwithstanding, users may feel lucid and focused for a long duration. As such, Blue Hawaiian may be a great way to complement anything from creative productivity to exercise to sex.

This bud is also valuable for medical cannabis users. It can relieve acute or chronic aches, pains, and even headaches. It can stimulate hunger for those who lost their appetite to illness or chemotherapy. And even though an average high is free from couchlock, Blue Hawaiian Skunk can bring about a restful sleep for those who have insomnia in large enough doses. Psychologically speaking, this flower can temporarily blunt the problematic symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. Its sense of sustained focus might also help those with attention deficit disorders.

Jordan of the Islands made seeds of Blue Hawaiian Skunk public for sale; forthcoming growers might also be able to get clippings from healthy plants to grow genetically identical “clones.” Due to the Sativa in its genes, plants of Blue Hawaiian Skunk are medium height and can reach heights of 5 to 6 feet. This flower can be grown indoors in closely-monitored conditions or outdoors in Mediterranean-like environments with average temperatures in the 70 degrees Fahrenheit range. When growing indoors, growers should train their plants by pruning and trimming branches early on in the growing process. Growers looking to bring out this strain’s entire bag appeal should also artificially “shock” its pigments into creating vibrant purple hues by exposing the plants to chilly temperatures just before flowering. As is also common of Sativas, Blue Hawaiian Skunk takes a longer time to flower — growers usually expect to harvest their buds after 9 to 10 weeks when grown indoors. This bud can yield as much as 15 to 30 grams (or ½ to 1 ounce).

Blue Hawaiian Skunk’s long-lasting euphoria proves that a strain’s flavour doesn’t have to come at the expense of its potency. This crowd-pleaser is excellent at any time of day and can be enjoyed while doing errands, spending time with friends, or simply relaxing back at home with some of your favourite music.


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