Root Beer Kush (LSO Craft Organic)

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THC 26-29%

Root Beer Kush (LSO Craft Organic) | Sativa

We’re not sure if you’re ready for this colossal strain… we offer you the elusive Root Beer Kush! When you first think Kush, you may think Indica; however, this is a Sativa Haze. This strain is mysterious as the exact lineage is entirely unknown. We only know for sure that it initially came from northern British Columbia. While grinding up some fresh flowers, you’ll be welcomed by the uncanny smell of authentic root beer. However, you’ll find that it won’t stick with you when smoked and will discover delectable vanilla and sweet berry terps to wrap your taste buds. We can not emphasize this enough, don’t wait on this tasty strain.

FLAVOURS: Sweet, Citrus, Rose, Honey
EFFECTS: Uplifted, Happy, Cerebral


Effects & Benefits

Root Beer Kush is a Sativa strain made famous by its aromas and flavour reminiscent of its name. It contains 18% – 23% THC within the thick buds covered in curly orange pistils and heavy trichomes. On the first toke, expect vanilla and orange blended with a strong taste of earth. Like most other Sativa strains, Root Beer Kush starts with an uplifting burst of energy that infuses a creative spirit into anything you do

This potent Sativa is an effective treatment for anxiety, migraines, headaches, nausea and insomnia, plus daily stress. Once you try this, you’ll be running back for more!

1 review for Root Beer Kush (LSO Craft Organic)

  1. lawrence646

    Extremely beautiful buds and tasty smoke. Literally tastes/smells like root beer. Highly recommend if you want to treat yourself to something special

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